Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup VPN for an Android?

  1. After you have provisioned a VPN server, ensure your server is active. If you had just provisioned your server, please wait for about 1 to 2 minutes for your server to be active. You will know if your server is active when the server's status states "active" as shown here.

    Server active
  2. Click on your active VPN server. You will be taken to a page with details about your VPN server. Make note of the following server details:

    • Public IP Address
    • Pre-Shared Key (PSK / Secret)
    • Type

    In addition, you will need to make note of the user details:

    • Username
    • Password
    Important server details
  3. Now on your Android device, go to Settings then tap on Connections

    Android step 1
  4. Now scroll down and tap on More connection settings

    Android step 2
  5. Tap on VPN

    Android step 3
  6. Tap on Basic VPN

    Android step 4
  7. Tap on Add VPN

    Android step 5
  8. Fill in the following details:

    1. In Name, type anything to help you identify your VPN server. This can be anything, for example "Amsterdam"
    2. In Type, select L2TP/IPSec PSK
    3. In Server, type the Public IP Address
    4. In L2TP secret, leave blank
    5. In IPSec Identifier, leave blank
    6. In IPsec pre-shared key, type your Pre-Shared Key (PSK / Secret)
    7. Now tap Save

    Android step 6
  9. Once that has been saved, tap on your server name

    Android step 7
  10. Fill in the following details:

    1. Type in your Username and Password that you obtained from the Wild Sorcery server information page
    2. Turn on Save account information so you do not have to re-enter your username and password each time
    3. tap on Connect

    Android step 8
  11. Congratulations, you are now connected!

    Android step 9