Take control of your IP
with a dedicated VPN.

Are you a digital nomad in need of a static IP address?
Do you work in a remote team that should be under the same IP?
Do you need a static IP address to connect to your database?

Wild Sorcery provides dedicated VPN servers for you and your team to work under a static IP address with an encrypted connection.

Why Wild Sorcery?

With your own dedicated VPN server; Your IP address won't change, you won't be sharing the VPN server with others, and your internet connection will be encrypted.

Database and Server Administration

Do you need to establash a remote connection to a database or server by authenticating with a static IP address?

Wild Sorcery VPN gives you IP addresses that do not change, allowing you to connect to your database or server from anywhere.

Security Cameras

Does your security camera system require a static IP address?

Utilize the static IP address that comes with your Wild Sorcery VPN server.

Public Wi-Fi's

Are you prepared to connect to a coffee shop's Wi-Fi network with potential hackers sitting next to you?

Wild Sorcery VPN encrypts your internet connection, mitigating the ability of hackers to sniff your data.

Don't Share

Other VPN providers sell shared VPN servers. Do you want to be sharing an IP address with a criminal?

Wild Sorcery will not share your VPN servers with anyone else. Your VPN servers are for your use only, and for those you permit only.


Powerful tools to manage your VPN servers.

Add / Remove Users

If you have a team of people you want to share your VPN server to, you can do that easily by adding or removing users.

Deploy Multiple Servers

You can deploy multiple VPN servers through our easy to use dashboard.

Easily Find Server Information

Quickly get information about your VPN server such as the IP Address, connection details, and user details.

Easily Cancel Your VPN Servers

Don't need dedicated VPN servers anymore? Just cancel with a click of a button on the dashboard.

Works with nearly all devices

Wild Sorcery uses the L2TP/IPSec VPN protocol. It works with Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and many other devices.

You will not need to download any additional app or software to connect to Wild Sorcery's VPN servers.

Pricing and Regions

Only $20 per month.

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